Cats are not always sweet!

Two cats fighting.

Amazing mouse scapes of snake attack!

Snake tries to catch mouse fail.

Dog catch fail

Dog tries to do a backflip but fails.

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With an 'unprecedented' heatwave causing misery in japan. These orangutans...

Cow stuck in cattle guard rescued

This poor cow got stuck when its legs slipped between...

Walking down the street when...

People in the street get surprised by a runaway horse...

Photographer Captures Marmots in Action

A photographer has captured amazing shots of marmots in action.

Policeman 'chases' tortoise

A policeman got into a dramatic chase - with a...

Dog enjoying sprinkler

Funny dog in the garden.

Cat pushing toy cart

This cat knows how to have fun.

Amazing Moment Woman Saves Baby Dolphin

This is the amazing moment a woman rescues a baby...

This cat is the best nanny ever

Relax human, everything will be fine.