Watch out the bushes kid!

Little boy riding a bicycle crashes into a bush.

Human bowling

Group of friends playing human bowling.

Jogger chased by turkey

A jogger is chased by a turkey through a park.

Amazing football trick

Man catches a football while doing a backflip.

Man fails at indoor skate ramp

Man fails at indoor skate ramp.

Skateboard fail

A skateboard flips up and hits the skateboarder in the...

Golf buggy accident on course

Man strikes a golf player with a buggy.

Golf cart jumping bonfire

A golf buggy attempts to jump over a fire and...

Handstand on the top of a car fail

Man does handstand on the top of a car but...

Moon landing training images are a conspiracy theorist's...

If you believe the conspiracy theory, America never landed on...

Golf cart fail

Golf car tipping over.

Why you shouldn't use a chair to down...

Man uses a chair to go down the stairs of...