Epic fail at workstation

Man tries to jump over a sawhorse but fails.

Sleeping in the bushes...

He clearly had a good night.

Woman Captures 'Hand Of God' Cloud

Forget Maradona, could these snaps show the real hand of...

This man has one of the weirdest ways...

Man being dragged by truck at festival (we don't know...

Not everyone can...

Man fails at steeplechase.

Watch out the bushes kid!

Little boy riding a bicycle crashes into a bush.

Not the best goalkeeper in the world, or...

Little boy gets hit in the head playing football.

Human bowling

Group of friends playing human bowling.

Jogger chased by turkey

A jogger is chased by a turkey through a park.

Amazing football trick

Man catches a football while doing a backflip.

Star Trek-Like Holodeck allows hologram meetings

Can't make it to that important meeting? A star trek-like...

Man fails at indoor skate ramp

Man fails at indoor skate ramp.