Practicing karate with a barbecue

Man kicks barbecue and hurts himself.

Riding a bike over fire fail

Man rides a bike over fire but fails.

It Looks Like Roast Ham... You'll Never Believe...

With tasty charred skin and succulent juices this looks like...

Spinning on bat, and what happened after you'll...

Man spinning on bat before crashing a piƱata on his...

Extremely dangerous dive into swimming pool

Young man jumps from roof to swimming pool.

Side flip funny fail

Guy in beanie does side flip and fails.

Front flip into water fail

Boy face plants into the water

Epic fail jumping across swimming pool

Attempt to jump over swimming pool.... but something goes wrong!

Dog pulling bike fail

Bike driver fail while dog pulling him along

Check your trampoline before you jump!

This boy jumps on the trampoline but didn't spot something...

Best basketball dunk ever!

Man plays basketball in his garden.

Moonwalking expert

Young man does the classic moonwalk in the street.